The Past of 1890


John P Begley - I have recorded and performed with various bands throughout  my tenure as a bass guitarist, singer and producer for over 20 years.  I have co-founded several Philadelphia and Las Vegas based projects .  I was lucky enough to play The Knitting Factory, 313 and CBGB's in NYC and most music clubs in Philly including the TLA and The Trocadero. International releases have also been achieved through compilations.  My main musical project was titled I Will I.

Music - I Will I were a Gothic Rock/Experimental band that played live shows from 1996 to 2002. They were based out of Philadelphia and released one cassette demo (Grasping The Unculture) and one CD (The Pope's Ring Is Made Of Stolen Gold). Other releases they are featured on include, The Unquiet Grave, The Goth Box DVD, Beneath The Tides Compilation, and The Tongue Achieves The Dialect (Rozz Williams Tribute). As Bassist and vocalist I was also known as Philadelphia Radio Y100's "Goth Guy".  In August 2008 I Will I filmed a video for the track "Wilted Love".  The band had two female singers, Brenda Dodd and Sarah Houtz. Mike Demonte and Tito Altamar played guitar and my twin brother Joe played drums. The band was also joined periodically on stage by experimental painter Rain of Bucks County, PA. Other artists to join in both stage and studio include Rick Webb, Bill Meck IV, Mark Boudreau, Rob Windfelder, David E Williams, Steve Taylor, Tom Lockhart, and long time collaborator Nicole Bozzomo.  Through friendships, various connections or just plain chance I have had the opportunity to create some very original songs and soundscapes. I am very grateful to all the people involved as if it wasn't for their energy and performances I wouldn't have been able to give the universe my own little twist on music. Other projects I helped found are Live Not On Evil, Necromantik Sunshine, The Stemcells, Vasarian's Dream and DVS2 (Las Vegas).

DVD -  My time as a Line Producer with one of the leading  distributors was very rewarding  and you can find my Production credits on the back covers of the Christian Death Live DVD, Graffiti Rock (W/ Run-DMC) and others.  Also the track "Wilted Love" can be heard at the beginning credits for the first DVD pressing of the film Cannes Man which I navigated the chapters for DVD. You can find my claim to fame with the late Dennis Hopper as I miscalculated his chapter and it went to press. The Producer (Stuart Shapiro of Night Flight) was very understanding.

Producer and Writer of Short Film/Music Video "Wilted Love" by I Will I can be found here . I produced and fully wrote "The Colony"  I learned the process of SAG during the filming of Ritual Day which is being turned into a novel early 2019!

Radio - Oddly enough the Philly radio station WMMR went on the air on the day my brother and I were born. I learned to spin the 'wheels of steel" during my college years while hosting an alternative music show at Montgomery Community College.  I played the character "Goth Guy" on Philadelphia's Radio station Y100 with  legendary morning radio host Paul Barsky.

Writing - Back in the days when zines were just branching out I interviewed bands and reviewed albums/tapes/CDs. Here is a link to an interview in 1992  I conducted with my good friend Mark Boudreau for Virtute Et Morte Zinewith Shadow Project - . A period piece for the classic b-movie BASKET CASE was printed in the #2 issue of Paracinema Magazine.

You will be able to enjoy written and pictorial publications from 1890 Media starting in 2019!

Personal - I enjoy trying to tackle bass riffs on my 4 string Fender Squire, and Ibenez GIO Soundgear guitars.  I prefer Fender for amplification. I had a great partner in youth with my brother Joseph to bounce off my riffs as he continues his studies in percussion until this day. I keep well focused and on track these days thanks to my partner in love and life, my Wife.

I have recently opened 1890 Media to record label status to help up and coming bands get some notoriety through major distribution.