Forced Memory

Released July 11.2019

June, 26, 2019 - Summer Dreaming of Candy and screaming!

Be prepared to be scared - Black Picket Fence

New Track from Uncultue - May, 23, 2019

"Birthstriker" - UNCULTURE

NEWS 4/09/2019 New Artist - Unculture


Look for noise artist UNCULTURE

Coming in April 2019

Untitled - Necromantik Sunshine

New video from Necromantik Sunshine - Jan 2019

"Single Lady Feet" by Nightjar

Here is the first video from Nightjar's Canter EP!


1890 Welcomes Nightjar!

Nestled between the Appalachians and Nashville, Tennessee comes our first Sadcore artist! Stay tuned for more info on the haunting melodies that this somber lyrical seamstress threads together. Hear now HERE



Final Reflections Comp Commercial

Digital Releases


Introducing the cover for "Canter" by Nightjar. This  quiet and solemn "Sadcore"  Southeastern United States act will be released by the end of the year! 

New CT out now!


The second Critical Theatre has been released! For strong stomachs only!

FALL 2018


Final Reflection Compilation


In the eighties pen pals would meet in the back pages of music magazines and would mix cassette tapes of their favorite obscure bands and send them to each other. Today we digitally do the same. Here is our first offer. A mix of Goth/Experimental from the 80s till today! Release date Oct 20th!

Necromantik Sunshine - Re-issue of "The Pain Of Pleasure!"


The self released debut CD has crept back from the grave to make this release officially available digitally everywhere on 8/10/18. To celebrate the band has decided to add the unreleased track "Decay" to our Final Reflections Comp!

Vasarian's Dream

The 3 track spoken word/noise EP that as been described as Hitchcock driving through a graveyard on

The 3 track dark noise release that was described as Hitchcock driving through a graveyard on a windy dark day.

new goth 2018, avant garde,

Resurfaced Faces by I Will I is an audio rollercoaster littered with foreboding love tales, witches spells falling short and twisted operatic spoken word.

new goth 2018, classic goth, philly goth, alternative, current 93,

As "The Ever Dawn" was picked up by Cleopatra Records "Preachers Do Not.." played for 6 months on Philly radio station Y100 helping to set this project as one of the most noted Goth acts in the Philadelphia area in 1997. Giving a nod to projects like Current 93 this varied release contains Darkfolk, Experimental and Gothic rock.



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