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I Will I

Necromantik Sunshine

Necromantik Sunshine



They started their reign when their cassette tape demo was “strategically” placed on the seats of local Philly radio station Y100 at a 1997 Marilyn Manson concert. The following six months they began to gain steam as the “Goth Guy” of I Will I would appear periodically in studio or by phone when the airwaves were filled with scary content by then head morning show DJ Paul Barsky. The band not only were able to secure spots on several local, national (Cleopatra Records) and international (The Tongue Acheives The Dialect) compilations. Just over $200 was raised to contribute to the Rozz William's Memorial Fund as the band put together a show for the East coast Philadelphia premiere of the film William's starred in called PIG. They were able to secure a spot in New York City’s famed CBGBs in 2000 during a webcast while being a supporting act for Gitane Demone’s Stars of Trash Tour. The digital release  Resurfaced Faces serves as a tribute on how the band continued to bend the atmosphere around them to new levels not seen by many other bands at the time of recording. Last song recorded in the studio was the Halloween jingle "Black Picket Fence". The last live studio jam with 6 past members will be uploaded soon. Check back to hear "5 Teaspoons of Time."

Necromantik Sunshine

Necromantik Sunshine

Necromantik Sunshine



Necromantik Sunshine was formed in 1997 by Brian Bordello and John Begley (Johnny Graveyard) recorded the "Nevermind the Living" demo that year.  Glen Strange joined them on lead guitars. They played numerous shows on the east coast including CBGB's Alchemy night! Tito Altamar  joined the band in 1999 as guitarist and creating eerie soundscapes for their performances. Keeping up on gigging they then decided there needed to be a full length album. 1999 the recording process started. Dave Falciani became a co-producer with Brian Bordello. On St. Valentine's Day in 2000 they finally released "The Pain of Pleasure!" full length featuring a cover of The Misfits "London Dungeon". 2000 Tito and John left the band over creative differences.  In 2000 Cleopatra Records released "Necromantik Sunshine" version 2 on "The Unquiet Grave 2000". compilation and also N.S. recorded a Nine Inch Nails version of "Hurt" for their "Recovered in Nails" tribute cd. 2001 N.S. also appeared on "The Tongue Achieves the Dialect", a tribute to Rozz Williams of Christian Death only available on vinyl. They recorded "The Angels" this time with live drums played by Brian. Also in 2001 Cyberware Records picked up "The Pain of Pleasure!" and repressed it overseas and became their label. 2003 a fallout between the band and Cyberware.  In 2006 N.S. resurfaced and played a Halloween show with Robert Long taking over guitar. It went well so they started to write again. Since the beginning there have been numerous other musicians in the band. Ben Nam Davis on guitars who was in Brian's prior bands Wax later changed to Red Wax and The Mongols too. A-Negative also joined on keyboards and vocals. Lennifer 6 on keys. Brian Bordello passed away on 02/20/2015 a tribute is posted here



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